Subaltern Media

Melody Ting Wang


Melody Ting Wang received her BA in Chinese Literature from Beijing University. She holds a PhD in Communications Studies from the University of Leeds. She has conducted extensive research on contemporary Chinese popular culture. In particular, her research focuses on the cultural phenomenon of the spread of celebrity culture in today’s mediascape in China, exploring the reasons and implications behind it. Her research interests include:

  • Mass media and culture in contemporary China: China’s cultural and media industry; the rise of celebrity culture in China; the relationship between the rise of commercial media and Chinese politics
  • Celebrity culture: the historical aspect of the rise of celebrity culture; the construction of celebrity images; the relationship between publicity and celebrity; studies of celebrity brands and their business implications
  • Comparative studies on the differences in the cultural industry between China and the West
  • Factual television/lifestyle television: TV format studies, audience studies

Melody is also involved in the Chinese teaching in a higher education environment in the UK. She has more than four years experience of teaching Chinese language and literature in the East Asian Department of the University of Leeds.


Mingren Wenhua Duben [Celebrity Culture Reader] (co-editor), Beijing University Press, forthcoming 2009