Subaltern Media


Kishore Budha

11-aug-018Subaltern Media was conceptualised and proposed by Kishore. He is also the founder-editor of the peer-reviewed Open Access journal Wide Screen. Kishore holds a PhD in media and communications studies from the University of Leeds, UK and has professional work experience in print journalism, internet news, and public relations industries. His interests include Design Semiotics (Industrial, Packaging, Graphic, Service, Retail, Digital),  Visual Culture,  [more].

Imanol Galfarsoro

imanol_galfarsoro_eieImanol is one of the co-founders of Subaltern Media and is currently pursuing his PhD from the University of Leeds. Imanol Galfarsoro conducts research on diaspora politics, multiculturalism and nationalism, particularly as applied to the Basque case. He has published a book on expatriate/exilic cultures and identities (Kultura eta Identitate Erbesteratuak. Nomadologia Subalternoak, Iruñea-Pamplona: Pamiela, 2005) which was short-listed for the annual Spanish National Award for Essay Writing, 2006. He has also lectured in the Department of Humanities, Arts and Languages of London Metropolitan University and visited the Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno (US) [more].

Melody Ting Wang

melody_profile_picMelody is one of the founding members of Subaltern Media. She received her BA in Chinese Literature from Beijing University. She holds a PhD in Communications Studies from the University of Leeds. She has conducted extensive research on contemporary Chinese popular culture. In particular, her research focuses on the cultural phenomenon of the spread of celebrity culture in today’s mediascape in China. Her interests include consumer culture, mass media and culture in contemporary China, Reality TV, and comparative studies on the differences in the cultural industry between China and the West. Melody also has more than four years teaching experience in teaching Chinese language and literature at a higher education environment in the UK [more].

Azeez Lukuman Adesina

azeez_profile_picAzeez is one of the founding members of Subaltern Media. He received his PhD in Communications Studies from the University of Leeds. He holds an MA in Mass Communication and an MA in International Law and Diplomacy. Azeez research interests include Mass Media Theories, Communication Research, Representations of Social Groups in the Media, and Reflection of Social Power in Media Representations, Audience Studies, Politics of the Press and Newsroom Culture and the Emerging Film Industry in Nigeria. He is a lecturer in Communications Studies at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria [more].

Paul A. Aitken

bio_pic_paul_aitkenPaul Aitken holds a PhD in Communications Studies from University of Leeds. His thesis research focused on critical theories of gift giving, their relationship to music piracy and the ways in which this relationship may/may not present a challenge to the music industry. This project forms a part of Paul’s wider interest in popular music studies, ICTs, and critical/cultural theory. Paul has taught popular music history at Dalhousie University and political economy of the media at McMaster University — both in his home country of Canada. Paul is also an accomplished professional guitarist, with two independently released albums to his name, and has performed with a variety of groups in the UK, US and Canada [more].