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Subaltern Media publishes the following online:

Wide Screen

Wide Screen is a peer-reviewed, open access journal. It is devoted to the critical study of cinema from historical, theoretical, political, and aesthetic perspectives. With radical changes in the modes of production, distribution, and exhibition, the journal aims to combine the best of academic and journalistic critique of cinema to inform readers about the various critical vantage points from which to understand cinema in this dynamic environment.

The journal has been listed amongst the best of educational and research sources on the Web by Intute (AHRC and JISC) and DOAJ (Lund University/INASP/Swedish Library Association).

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Editors blog: Edit Room is the Wide Screen editors’ blog

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Critical Stew

Critical Stew is an site for Critical Theory and Philosophy. The site is devoted to Critical Theory and its unique ability to both explain and challenge “what goes without saying” in the contemporary world. It seeks to interpret the world in a way unavailable to the ‘abstract empiricism’ of more nominally ‘realistic’ approaches. Critical Stew follows Heidegger’s belief that “questioning is the piety of thought”.

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Picture by Ina Centaur. Taken from artist’s web site on Flickr [link]. Used as per Creative Commons Licence advertised on web page.